cute_babyNaming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate the arrival of a child into the family.

Many people now choose to have a naming ceremony in place of a more formal, religious ceremony such as baptism in a church.

The naming ceremony normally involves the special people in that child’s life – family, friends, nominated guardians or caregivers gathering together to welcome and introduce the child by giving him/her a unique name.

There are no legalities required and the ceremony can be planned to meet the family’s wishes.

The ceremony can include an explanation of the meaning or history of the child’s name, poems, stories, readings, music and rituals to commemorate the occasion such as candle lighting, tree planting, release of balloons, making a time capsule or treasure box for that child –whatever seems fitting or fun!

Parents may ask other adults to act as mentors or supporters for the child across their life and those people can promise or state their support at the ceremony. This is a special and happy occasion in the life of a family and one which I enjoy taking part in.

I am happy to help with yours.